5 Interesting Facts About Famous Car Brands

5 Interesting Facts About Famous Car Brands

Cars have become a necessity these days. Cars were indeed considered as luxury once, but nowadays you will find at least one car in every house. While most of the people buy cars to travel to their workplaces, some people buy cars for luxury. As compared to earlier days, you will find hundreds of brands in the present era. There are some unknown and amazing facts about famous cars brands that you might not be aware of.

Read these 5 interesting facts about famous car brands that will blow your mind. 

Toyota’s Symbol

Many of you might consider Toyota’s symbol as the first letter of the brand, i.e T. But this is not the case. The two overlapped ovals in Toyota’s symbol reflect the relationship the company has with its customers. The third oval reflects the endless opportunities and growth of the company.

James Bond’s Aston Martin

Daniel Craig’s character of James Bond had a huge impact in giving Aston Martin cars a unique image. The actor drove Aston Martin as the official James Bond car in all the movies. The company returned the favour to the actor by giving him lifetime access to all the models of Aston Martin vehicles. 

Rolls Royce’s Spirit of Ecstacy

Who doesn’t know Roll Royce? If you know what Rolls Royce is then you must be aware of its Spirit of Ecstacy (lady with wings). When BMW purchased Rolls Royce company, 40Million dollar were paid just to purchase the rights of this Spirit of Ecstacy.

Lamborghini Used To Manufacture Tractors 

Enzo Ferruccio Lamborghini, the owner of Lamborghini, used to manufacture Tractors only. When he purchased a Ferrari for his personal use, he was fed up of the car and its features. Out of frustration, he decided to manufacture his cars.

Volkswagen: The People’s Car

Volkswagen is a brand known for its style, authenticity, and amazing features. There is a reason why this car is called the People’s Car. There are many brands who fall under Volkswagen including Bentley, Audi, Skoda, Bugatti, Porsche, Lamborghini, etc. Reports suggest that 1 out of every 10 cars in the world is a Volkwagen.

So, these were some of the interesting facts about famous car brands

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