There could be 100 problems you might face with your Car. Your car blowing out white smoke is common as compared to other problems. There could be various reasons that result in white smoke. But if your car blows out white during winters, the matter should be taken lightly. But if it happens on other occasions, then there is a need to worry.

A vehicle owner must know about the reasons that result in this problem to come out with a proper solution. If something is not done quickly, it may damage the engine and other components of the car. If you ever find yourself in these kinds of situations, call expert mechanics from Garage On Roads for a quick and efficient solution to your problem. We offer 24/7 roadside assistance and various services including Towing Services, Car Servicing, etc.

Now without wasting any more time, let us discuss the 5 most common reasons your car blows out white smoke from the exhaust.



One of the possible reasons for a car blowing out white smoke could be a leak in Coolant Reservoir Tank. It can occur because of various reasons. The leak can be there because of a damaged or a cracked tank. There are chances that your mechanic accidentally damages the tank while repairing other parts in the car. In this situation, the most logical solution would be to change the tank as early as possible.


There are times when you might see white smoke coming out of the muffler. Well, in most cases it might not be a reason to worry. It could happen because of the accumulation of condensation. The only way to identify the situation is to leave the engine on for 30 minutes. You will notice a very tiny amount of white smoke coming out of the car but would settle in 30 minutes. It usually occurs when the temperature is cooler than other days. If this is the case, then you are in a safe zone.


If you ever face a problem of oil leaks particularly from the valve seals, it could result in white smoke. The oil enters the internal combustion chamber and gets mixed with the fuel. As soon as you will start the vehicle, white smoke would start coming out of the vehicle. The problem could become more serious if not handled quickly. It could even damage other components of the car because of insufficient lubrication.


Another reason for your Car blowing white smoke could be because of a cracked or damaged Engine Block. It is difficult for a layman to identify a crack in the Engine Block. Hence as soon as you witness white smoke coming out of the vehicle, call the mechanics from Garage On Road for a quick solution,


Fuel Injectors inject the right amount of fuel into the internal combustion chamber. If the fuel injectors are damaged or not in good condition, they might prevent the right amount of fuel entering into the chambers. It would result in the white smoke coming out of the car.

These were 5 common reasons for a car blowing out white smoke. The causes are easy to understand but are hard to identify. Hence, it is always advised to call experts during these situations. An expert mechanic would not only solve the current problem but would also identify other problems your vehicle might have.

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