The problem of the gear handle getting stuck while driving is the commonly faced problem. Most of the people consider this as a problem of transmission. But the case could be something else. It becomes really important for a vehicle owner to understand the reasons for the fault in their cars. We are going to discuss those issues in this article.


Here are the top five reasons due to which your car’s gear can get stuck:

  • It has both petrol and diesel engines
  • It is compatible with all kinds of temperatures.
  • The design of Mahindra XUV300 is cheetah inspired
  • The variants of Mahindra XUV300 are W4, W6, W8, and W8 (O)


The transmission of a car is controlled by high-tech electric cars. However, this is not the case with every car. The modern vehicles are equipped with such kind of technology. If the electronic sensor inside the car gets damaged because of any reason, it can result in the problem we are discussing. The only solution to this problem is to either take the vehicle to the service center or call experts for quick assistance.


The most commonly occurring problem of gears is due to insufficient transmission fluid.  If there is an insufficient amount of Transmission Fluid, the gear of your car eventually loses friction and gets stuck. It could happen because of the leak of the fluid because of a damaged or a cracked fluid container. Remove the fuel dip-stick and clean it completely with a cloth and check if there is anything wrong with the fluid. Call mechanics if you are not comfortable in doing it.


Another reason for facing this problem could be because of misaligned gears. The vehicles are designed to run smoothly only if the gears are aligned properly. If you hear a strange sound or feel pressure while changing gears, the problem could be with the alignment of the gears.


There are cases when the engine of the car abruptly stops on the road but you do not notice it. This is because the car these days made almost no sound while driving. In this case, if you try to change the gear of the car, there are chances that it might get stuck.


These were some of the reasons that result in the gears getting stuck. To overcome these problems, either you have to think like a mechanic or call one for a quick solution. It is always advised to call an expert for these kinds of problems. They know what has to be done and whatnot.


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