Automatic And Manual Transmission_ Which One Is A Better Option

You will find two types of car roaming on the roads in every country. The major difference between these cars is their transmission systems. The first one is the manual transmission system and the other one is the automatic transmission system.


In this article, we will be discussing various aspects of these transmission systems. You will get to know about the pros and cons of both of these systems. There are times when people get confused to choose between the type of car that would be most suitable for them.


Well, we hope that after reading this article you would be clear as to what type of car you should buy. Usually, it depends a lot on your preference and on your budget. But, with the advent of other car manufacturers, there are many cars in the market that are affordable even with amazing features.


Almost everyone has driven cars with manual transmission. It is usually referred with Driving Stick that is used to change gears according to the speed of the car. With the manual transmission, a driver has complete control over the shifting, changing of the Driving Stick. The gears of the car could be changes by the driver himself. But it does require a set of skills to execute these actions.


One must have a knowledge of when and where to change the gear of the car depending on the speed. The mechanism of Manual Transmission is very easy. The driver needs to press the clutch disk and then release it simultaneously changing the gear while driving the car.


If a wrong gear is selected, it might cause heavy damage to the gearbox and even to the whole vehicle. With a few weeks of practice, anyone can learn how to change the gears in the case of a manual transmission.


Earlier, when an automatic transmission was initially introduced, it was a costly affair for most of the buyers. With an increase in the number of car manufacturers, the number of competitors also increased. Thereby, the prices of the vehicle got affected. Nowadays, it does not cost you much if you wish to buy an automatic transmission vehicle.


In the case of Automatic Transmission, the gear system is connected to the engine through a hydraulic torque converter. As a result, the car automatically changes gear without taking any kind of input from the driver driving it. It does save a lot of time, energy and also maintains the driver in the relaxed state throughout the complete drive. The Gears change on the basis of the speed of the car and other parameters.


The decision of choosing between a manual and an automatic transmission depends completely on your preferences. However, there are a few things that you should consider before selecting any one of the transmissions. If you drive on a path that has no stops for at least  30 minutes, then you can buy the manual one.


Whereas if you drive on a path where you have to stop for a number of times, then you should go for the automatic one to save you energy. If you are planning to purchase a particular model of the car, there are chances you might get the type out of the two.

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