Best Fuel Efficient Cars of 2020

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The first question we ask before buying a car is about its mileage (fuel efficiency). It is perhaps the most important thing that we look in a car. When it comes to features, every vehicle has a similar feature depending upon the range. But, the fuel efficiency is not the same. Hence it becomes essential to know how much mileage does a car yield.

We have mentioned a list of some of the best cars of 2020 that are best in terms of fuel efficiency (mileage).

List of Top Fuel-Efficient Cars

#1 Maruti Suzuki Alto 800:

Beginning with the most economical car, Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, the Alto segment has never disappointed the customers when it comes to the mileage factor. Alto 800 is an upgrade version of Alto K10. It has branded itself in the market as the best fuel-efficient car in the given price range. The car yields a mileage of 24.70 km per liter.

#2 Maruti Suzuki Swift:

The best in affordable sedans, Maruti Suzuki Swift is ruling the automobile industry for decades. Talk about its features, interior, and exterior specifications, and every other thing that you look in a car, Swift offers you almost everything. This fantastic sedan yields a mileage of 22 km per liter.

#3 Honda Amaze:

Honda Amaze entered the market back in 2013. Since then, it has proven to be a top seller in the market. The amazing features and specs this car provides are more than what you can expect in its price range. It yields a mileage of 20 km per liter.

#4 Honda City:

Honda City was launched got the first update in 2014, and since then it has not looked back. With its advanced technology, amazing interiors, and exteriors, this car has maintained a fair share in the automobile sector in India. It yields a mileage of 17.4 km per liter.

#5 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz:

When we talk about Maruti Suzuki, we cannot forget its Ciaz. After its launch in 2014, this car has become one of the most bought cars in India. It yields a mileage of 20.73 km per liter.

#6 Mahindra XUV300:

Mahindra is known for manufacturing heavy vehicles, including SUVs. It made a place in the Compact SUVs by launching its Mahindra XUV300. Apart from being a spacious and an all-in-one car, it has good mileage. It yields a mileage of 17 km per liter.

These were the top 6 fuel-efficient cars of 2020. Though there are many other cars in the market that give a tough competition to the cars mentioned above, we have tried to mention only those who are best in the slot.

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