Car Accident- What to do next?

Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, while driving. Sometimes, it can be your fault, or maybe of the other driver. But still, it can leave you in agony on what to do further.
So, we are here to guide you on the steps to be taken after a car accident.

Stay at the scene

After the accident, you will be frightened and would wish to leave the scene in a hurry. Stay at the scene until every aspect is cleared. Besides, if someone is heavily injured, it can be a serious offense if you leave the area.

Check the condition of your passengers

Check yourself and the other passengers for injuries. If the injuries are really serious, call for emergency medical service. If you cannot move, ask any other person for help. Try not to move the injured people out of the car, except in case of a fire. Wait until the medical professionals arrive.

Move to a safer place

Don’t leave your car stuck in the middle of the road. Move it to the sideroad. If the car damage makes it difficult to move, call for roadside assistance or towing service, whichever you deem necessary.

Notify others for help about car accident

Take out the road flares and place it on the road. Thereby, you can warn others.

Call the police

Remember, deal with things legally. Call the police and report the incident. They will file an accident report and do thorough monitoring of the area. These are mandatory while filing an insurance claim or in case of any legal action to be taken.

Convey the necessary details about Car accident

The most important details you have to exchange with the other driver are:

  1. Name and contact details
  2. Insurance details
  3. Driver’s license and license plate number
  4. Descriptive details of the vehicle like, color, model, etc
  5. Location of the scene

The adjuster while monitoring the scene and car damage, will make determine who is at fault.

Record the accident

This include:

  • Take photographs so that the car damages are visible.
  • Ask the police officers for their name
  • Get the information of passengers in the other car
  • Also, get the information about the witness

Inform your insurance company for Car Accident

It would be beneficial to call your insurance agent and let him know the details. He can detail you on how to proceed further.

Track the medical treatment

You must get treated well if you have serious injuries. Moreover, track the treatment and health conditions of your co-passengers as well as passengers in the other car. Document the treatments accordingly for future needs. Finally, ensure that everyone is safe.

So, don’t panic after an accident and further car damages. Just follow the above steps.

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