Top 7 Oil Leaking Causes

As a vehicle owner you may face certain issues with your car sometimes. The problems could be anything ranging from a flat tire to a dead battery. 


But the most complicated and time-consuming problem that you may ever face with your car is leaking oil. Fixing an oil leakage in a car is perhaps the most hideous task a person could ever get himself into. 



While most of the vehicle owners might know methods to fix an oil leakage, there are a few who get themselves into a panicking situation. 


In order to prevent these kinds of situations, it becomes important for us to know the way of fixing leaking oil problems. Before getting into the solutions, one must know the causes of this problem to get a picture.


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There are many causes of Oil Leakage. Before getting into them, let us discuss a few ways to identify whether the vehicle is leaking oil or not.


  • When you see oily or greasy liquid under the car while it is parked
  • When the engine is covered in oil
  • When you smell oil while sitting inside your vehicle

Now let us discuss some of the causes that result in the Oil Leakage problem. There are plenty of them, but these are some of the major reasons that result in a league issue.

  1. Running a vehicle for years without changing the oil
  2. Damaged Oil pans and gaskets due to debris
  3. Hole in the oil pan because of rough roads or stones
  4. Using same oil pan and gasket for years damages it and results in oil leakage
  5. Oil Gasket not installed properly
  6. Valves are not tightened properly
  7. Oil Filter not installed properly, etc.

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