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It does not matter what car you possess, you can anytime face multiple problems while driving the vehicle. The most common problem associated with vehicles is Car Overheating. In this article, we will be discussing the possible causes of Car Overheating along with the methods that can help you resolve this issue.

However, problems like Car Overheating require an expert person to handle them. It might get risky at times. You need to look out for expert mechanics, as you will get them here at GarageOnRoads. We provide different services to our customers including 24/7 Roadside Assistance, Towing Services, Car Servicing, etc.

Causes of Car Overheating

There are many causes of Car Overheating. In this article, you will get to know about 5 such most common causes that lead to this issue. Let us discuss them in detail.

A leak in Cooling System

 If the antifreeze levels in your vehicle are generally low, then there might be a leak in the cooling system. For a layman, it would not be possible to identify the leak and fix this issue. Call us at GarageOnRoads for 24/7 roadside assistance.

Engine Overheating

One of the main reasons for Car Overheating is when the engine’s temperature shoots up, i.e Engine Overheating. Once you have identified that the Engine has overheated, you must stop driving the vehicle at the very same moment. It would prevent you from a serious mishap. However, your car won’t burn into flames after the engine overheats, but it could damage your car.

If you do not have any knowledge about Engine Overheating, it is advised to call our professional experts at the scene for the quick solution.

Hoses of the Coolant

Another reason for Car Overheating could be a blockage in the hoses of the coolants. Coolants control the temperature of the car and the blockage in their hose might prevent coolants from circulating. It would not be possible for you to fix this issue, hence feel free to call us anytime for the assistance.

How To Fix Car Overheating

Fixing this issue might be a risky and troublesome task for a layman. It is advised to call our experts to get a quick and satisfying solution. However, there are emergencies when and where it is difficult to call for professional assistance. Following these tips, you would be able to temporarily fix the issue of Car Overheating until help reaches for you.

  • If you identify that your car is overheating, immediately stop driving the vehicle. Turn off the Air Conditioners and if possible vacate the car to avoid any mishap.
  • Turn on the heater of the car. Turning on the heater of the car would help cool down the engine as the excess heat would be transferred into the car from the engine.
  • Pullover the vehicle immediately and pull up the hood of the car. It would let excess heat to mix with the air, thereby cooling the car.

These are some of how you can fix the problem of Car Overheating. However, professional help is always advised in these circumstances.

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