Do Wider Tires Affect A Car’s Mileage?

Tires play a big role in every car. The companies have to do a lot of R&D to figure out what size of tires is ideal for a specific car. But many people remove their pre-installed tires from their cars and install wider tires. They do this to give their car a sporty look. Also,  it gives the car a better grip on the road. But do you know what happens when you replace your car’s original tires with the wider ones?

Wider tires affect your car’s mileage, let us tell you why…

If you own a 100 cc-125 cc engine motorcycle and you want to replace its rear tires with wider tires, then this will affect your motorcycle’s performance and mileage.


Some experts believe that if you replace your car or bike’s original tires with wider tires, it will affect its mileage. It means that there will be less mileage because the wider tire will take more space on the road. By doing this, you may get a better grip over the road, but your vehicle’s mileage will also decrease.

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Wider tires have more weight as compared to regular tires. And because of this, the small engine of your vehicle has to apply more force. Whereas thinner and lighter tires do not face this problem. Therefore, you can clearly see the difference in their performance. But if your bike has an engine of 150 cc or more, then replacing your regular tires with wider ones won’t affect it so much.

It is recommended to keep the original tires that the company has installed in your car. Every car and bike has tires of a specific number and size installed in them so that you can obtain better performance. If you replace your original tires with some other tires, it will definitely go to affect your car’s performance.

If the tires of your car have worn out or are damaged, then replace them with tires of the same size as the original ones. By doing this, you will not only get an excellent performance but it will also be light on your budget.

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