Increase Fuel Efficiency

There are only three things in life that are unavoidable: death, taxes, and the continuous surge in petrol prices. While the most important thing that you have to keep in mind before buying a vehicle for yourself is fuel efficiency. Because it’s an obvious fact that the better the fuel economy is, the more money you save. So here are some hacks to increase fuel efficiency and  mileage of your vehicle:

Do not speed unnecessarily

Speed driving will only waste your car’s fuel whenever you do that. It decreases your vehicle’s mileage to as low as 30%!  Smart driving is much safer than aggressive driving, so you’ll not only be saving fuel money but also much more.

Different cars reach their fuel economy at different speeds, but the mileage of the vehicles will start decreasing rapidly after a speed of 50 km/h, which will not only consume more fuel but will also double up your expenses.

Proper Shifting

While driving, you should always take a gentle start with lower gears first and then slowly changing to higher gears so that your engine is stress-free. Doing this makes your engine run smoothly on the economic band. Doing this will increase your car’s range because lower gears consume more fuel when accelerated hard.

Remove Excess Weight

Another factor that causes a decrease in fuel economy is putting excess weight on the roof of the vehicle because doing so increases the wind resistance. We suggest not to keep any unnecessary items in your vehicle, particularly the ones that are heavy as they impact small vehicles a lot.

Avoid Idling

You should avoid leaving your car’s engine running when it is parked or not in use. When there’s traffic and you have to wait for more than 10 seconds, it is recommended to turn your ignition off to save fuel. More fuel is compared while idling your car as compared to restarting your engine.

Avoid Pedal Flooring and Clutch Riding

Putting your vehicle’s “pedal to the metal force” will do nothing but waste your car’s fuel abundantly. This is because the more force you put in acceleration, the more gas is wasted. Therefore, accelerate your vehicle gently and softly to avoid any excess loss of fuel. Many people ride their vehicle’s clutch during traffic, but doing this will extract your car’s fuel, and the clutch plate gets worn out, consuming a tremendous amount of gas.

Brake Gently

Never slam on your vehicle’s brakes suddenly. Braking smoothly is fuel-efficient and is gentle to your vehicle’s brakes and tires, saving the money you’ll have to spend on maintenance and repair.

Maintain Appropriate Tyre Pressure

Most vehicle tires come with guidelines regarding the suggested tire pressure. Tyre pressure not only improves your car’s safety, but it also ensures longevity. The driver has to check if the tires are of the recommended tire pressure or not.

Maintenance & Regular Service

Regular maintenance and on time servicing your car can help in improving  the vehicle’s mileage. The parts of a vehicle that move continuously such as the engine or the gearbox require lubrication regularly to work with efficiency. For the optimal performance of your car, you should keep in mind the level of coolant oil and chain lubrication during the oil change maintenance service.

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