International Safety Features In Cars That Should Come In India

Safety Features in a Car is the most important thing a potential buyer looks in a car. Many automobile manufacturers in India are coming up with cars equipped with amazing safety features. However, the safety features in the Indian cars still do not match up to the safety features of international automobile manufacturers.

A rational consumer looks for a vehicle with a maximum amount of safety features. It is because of the number of vehicles that have increased on the roads. It is resulting in daily accidents and mishaps. These are the reasons that have shifted the consumers’ minds from looking out for other features in a car.

In this article, you will read about such international car safety features that a must have of any vehicle and are not yet introduced in Indian manufactured cars. The features are;


Indian cars doesn’t come with emergency braking systems. As the name suggests, when your car consists of emergency brakes, it would automatically stop if you fail to apply the brakes. It usually happens when you are stuck in a difficult situation. Out of panic and shock,  someone might forget to apply the brakes. It could result in a terrible accident or some other mishap.


Adaptive or Advanced headlights are present in almost every vehicle manufactured outside India. It is one of the best safety features that should definitely come to India. The headlights in the Car adapts to the turns on the roads and changes its direction. These features give an ability to the headlights in the direction of the road. It will help from hitting someone in the middle of the road while taking a turn.


Another useful that should enter into India is Safety Exit Assistance. Although Hyundai already has this feature in its new cars, but most of the manufacturers have not. In this feature, your car would prevent you from opening the door if it would sense a vehicle approaching your vehicle. it would not only protect you from an accident but would also protect other drivers from colliding in your car.


Most of the time, accidents happen because the driver suddenly applies the brakes. It not only dangers the lives of the passenger in the car but could also result in the vehicle behind colliding into your car. For these kinds of situations, the Forward Collision Warning feature comes at your rescue. In this feature, you will be alarmed when the person in front of abruptly reduced the speed of his car.

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