A battery is an essential part in your car that ensures your vehicle starts every day without any hassle. It converts chemical energy into electrical energy. In return, it powers every electrical component of the Car that powers the Car and supply voltage to the starter. You need a battery to start each every time you shut it off.


The primary function of a battery is to start the vehicle. There are many types of car batteries available on the market. In this article, we will be discussing that in detail. These batteries differ in the technology used, durability, usage, and many other features.

Preventive measures to maintain car AC

Types of Car Batteries

#1. Wet Cell Batteries

Wet Cell or Flooded Batteries go by their name. They contain a solution of different chemicals, including water, sulfuric acid, etc. that make the battery ‘electrolyte. As compared to other batteries, Wet Cell batteries are less expensive. But they do not yield the same kind of results and are less efficient than others. Some wet cell or flooded batteries are so fragile that they require regular maintenance to keep them working for a long period.

#2. Starting, Lighting, And Ignition Batteries (SLI Batteries)

These are the commonly used car batteries all over the globe. As their name suggests, an SLI battery helps you start your car, but it also provides powers your Car’s ignition, sound system, lights, and all those components that work on electricity. Usually, SLI type batteries have a shallow charge cycle. It means the time it takes to run down the battery and time consumed in recharging it.


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#3 Deep Cycle Batteries

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#3 Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep Cycle Batteries are an advanced version of SLI batteries. As compared to them, Deep Cycle Batteries provide power to your cars over a more extended period. It makes them suitable for golf carts, marine vehicles, etc.

#4. Li-Ion(Lithium-Ion) Batteries

Li-Ion batteries do not support the majority of vehicles because of their substantial voltage. These batteries are suitable for hi-tech automobiles, including electric cars, hybrid cars, etc. Li-Ion batteries are more efficient when it comes to yielding energy and power to your Car.

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