Mileage Or Age Of A Car: What's More Important

If you own a car, two things must have landed you in a dilemma. In the never-ending world of automobiles, the two things have always made the owners confused i.e which car is better; an old car or the car with less mileage.

It is not a silly question to ask as both things have an equal impact on the vehicle’s performance. But, if you are clear of your purpose, a wrong choice or a wrong judgment can land in trouble. If you are among those confused people, we have an answer for you.

A car with less age with the cost you less than a car with more age. Similarly, a car with more kilometres will obviously cost more than a car with fewer kilometres. But when both of these options are in front of you, which one should you prefer? Let’s find out!


A car’s age can be a big deal. There is a huge difference between a car that is 8 years old and 4 years old. If a car has just been driven for a few kilometres but was kept untouched for many years, there are chances that the parts might get obsolete or damaged.

Whereas in the case of a well kept old car with all the things in their respective spot, age would not matter much. The age of the car can be a problem when it is parked in one place for many years. Although there are some parts in a car that do not get damaged with time, the parts need regular maintenance.

For eg, if we talk about the breaks of the engine, an old car with zero maintenance would not have brakes in a good condition. The rubber parts and other components would become obsolete in just a few years without proper maintenance.


The mileage of the car is equally important as that of the age. While buying an old car, the mileage factor must be given importance. A car that has covered a distance of 40000 km is worth buying that the car has covered a distance of 140000 km. The distance traveled by car affects its engine, brakes, all many other components.

If a person maintains his car and changes parts often, that car would be better than a car that is not maintained properly. Hence, apart from look at just the mileage factor, try to figure out other important things about the car before buying it.


As far as our point of view is concerned, we will say that there are other things apart from Mileage and Age that a buyer should consider. For a car to run efficiently, its regular maintenance is important. A well-maintained old car will work fine for many years than a car which is not well maintained.

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