most common car problems that you may face

Good car performance is attributed to perfect and regular maintenance. Else, it can get stuck up with issues. So, we have listed some of the most common car problems and their solutions. They are as follows:


A noisy engine is a hassle for smooth driving. They can be due to:

  • Worn off bearings
  • Mangled muffler, in
  • Decreased level of engine oil

Common solutions are changing the bearings, adding some oil, or above all, getting to a mechanic for a checkup.


This is an indication of various problems related to their respective signs. The lights are shown when the sensor detects an error or problem. In this case, the best solution is to seek the assistance of a professional mechanic.


An alternator ensures all the electronic parts are working and the battery is sufficiently charged. If the same fails, then you will not be able to start your car. Do a professional car service at regular intervals. if this happens on a journey, call for roadside assistance or towing services


Driving with a shaking steering wheel is frustrating. The major causes are warped brake rotors or unbalanced tires. Check when the issue occurs, for instance, during braking or driving at high speed, and thus find out the cause. If diagnosed earlier and cured, you can prevent a major dysfunction.


The radiator may leak suddenly during driving. There are numerous potential causes. For example, a weak coolant, corrosion in the radiator, etc. can be the causes. Consult with your mechanic. In case of emergency, call for roadside assistance.


Smooth engine performance is assisted by a good fuel system. As time passes, the fuel system and its parts will wear out or diminish in performance. Consequently, the engine will burn down a large fuel. Again, the answer is having regular professional service, before much damage.


The squeaking in=brakes can add much to your irritation. As the pads wear off, a small metal piece contacts the rotor surface, as indicated by the squeaking. This shows that it’s high time you change your breaking pads.


Car engines stall due to numerous issues such as an empty gas tank, a malfunctioning fuel pump, ignition problems, etc. This can cause panic, during driving amid a busy road. Call for roadside assistance or towing services. Evidently, you have been skipping your car servicing routines.


Nevertheless, a bad car battery can be due to electrical currents, which degrades the ability of the battery. Besides, a deficit alternator, charging components, etc. can also add to the issue. Try to replace your battery every 3 years. Also, check on the above etiologies.


Not all tires get punctured due to a sharp object. It can also happen due to wear and tear, owing to long term use and bad maintenance. Other reasons are tire bead leaks, valve stem issues, etc. While flat tyre can be a serious issue, leading to more inconvenience.


Despite sophisticated cooling systems, overheating can happen. The basic damage lies within the same cooling system. In other words, a leakage or block in the cooling system. Steam from the front of the vehicle, temperature gauge spiking to ‘H’ are the indications. It’s better to call for roadside assistance.


Sometimes, you won’t care about a small crack in your windscreen. They can happen due to loss of glass strength with time. These smaller cracks can also lead to larger damage over the windscreen. So, a suitable solution is to replace the windshield or correct the small cracks.


So, these are some of the problems you can face with your cars. All these point out to one solution: regular and professional car servicing. So, stick to a perfect maintenance routine.

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