New BMW Z4 Review: Pros and Cons

BMW has always made cars that people have loved. When it comes to sports cars, most people will think of a sleek car with a cool design and high-speed range. Now, BMW has implemented this kind of feature in its all-new Z4. So here’s a review of the new BMW Z4:

Highlights of the new BMW Z4:

  • Eye-catchy design
  • Firm ride quality
  • Light and comfortable steering

BMW Z4 Review:


The new BMW Z4 comes with swept-back headlights, along with a sculpted front bumper. Also, the kidney grille has a diamond-patterned mesh, giving the car an angry face. The car comes with attractive looking vertical air vents. Also, the new sports car comes with a canvas for the purpose of saving weight.


The interior of the BMW Z4 is cleanly styled, equipped with a lot of useful tech features, which include BMW’s iDrive infotainment system as well. The car has a lot of seating space and cargo room, so much that you may not have even expected. There are two well-padded and supportive seats, one for the driver while the other for his/her friend or partner.


The information is displayed on a 10.25” screen in the center of the dashboard, whereas there’s another larger 12.5” screen behind the steering wheel to assist the driver. All your entertainment needs are fulfilled by the BMW Z4 as it features Bluetooth, two USB ports, Apple CarPlay, HD Radio, and SiriusXM. The car also features 10 speakers for an optimal entertaining environment.


The base of BMW Z4 comes with a 3-liter turbo six-cylinder engine that sends an impressive amount of 365b horsepower and 500Nm torque. The acceleration of the car is a savage and can manage a sub 5 seconds 0-100 km/h time.


The Z4 has very good handling and it is quite easy to drive the car fast on normal roads. The steering is comfortable and light at the same time so that the driver can have an optimum experience while driving the sports car. , it is pretty quick and has quite a strong grip.

Ride quality:

The BMW Z4 has a very acceptable ride quality. The car runs very firmly, and even if any speed breakers come in your way, the car will handle them quite easily and the driver can still drive the car in comfort mode.


This sportscar for sure will not come at a cheap price, but so far, keeping all the good features in view, the car is still priced reasonably. With so many good features, the car is priced at Rs 78.9 Lakhs, which is also a much lower price as compared to its competitors.


BMW’s new Z4 is quite an impressive sports car, with a fantastic look and numerous awesome features. No doubt that this car will be the center of attention wherever it goes because it looks so sleek and cool. According to us, this is an ideal sports car at an ideal price.

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