Preventive measures to maintain car AC

Car AC Service

The scorching heat is not letting anyone survive and alongside affecting the cars as well. During summer it is the car AC that suffers the most, and we cannot avoid using the same. So, here we will discuss preventive measures to maintain car AC.

  • Keep car windows open
  • Avoid excess use of AC
  • Check for leakage

Let us discuss preventive measures to maintain car AC in detail

  • Start your car with open windows

    Sometimes when a car is parked under sunlight then it likely to get heated up. Here in this scenario, you must not switch on the car air conditioner right away. For a couple of minutes drive your car with open windows, and once the car temperatures cool down, you can switch the AC.

  • Hold on the speed

    If you are driving your car at high speed that is more than 60kmph, then make sure to switch off the AC right away to avoid compression. It might affect your car AC negatively and result in its breakdown too.

  • Air cycle button

    It is essential to keep the air cycle button to stay On’ all the time. It will help in reducing the compression of the car, and there will be no extra pressure on the AC as well.

Car AC service

  • Cleanliness

    If your car AC is not clean then there are chances of encountering moist smell or odor inside your car. It will result in the breeding of bacteria and microorganisms as well.

  • Leakage

    Check for the leakage in your car AC, or else it can be hazardous for you. AC contains harmful chemicals, and if the same is leaking, then it might result in hazard too.

  • Check compressor

    The compressor is among essential elements of the car which directly or indirectly affects the other car components including AC. So, examine the compressor regularly for debris, hole, and dryness.

  • Avoid excessive use

    If possible try to use open windows instead of AC, this will not create pressure on AC, and it works for a long time with quality.

These were some of the preventive measures to maintain car AC. So, spend some time with your car and examine the components wisely. You can also reach us for 24/7 roadside assistance too.

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Car AC Service
Car AC Service

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