Oil Consumption is one of the factors that a potential buyer looks inside a car. The car’s engine needs oil to lubricate its parts for smooth running. The amount of oil consumed by an engine depends on the usage and other factors. However, there is a certain amount of consumption an engine taken during normal functioning.


In the case of old cars equipped with modern engines, they consume somewhere about 1/2 of the quarter of the oil present in the car for every 5000 miles driven. The parts are new, already lubricated, hence the amount of oil consumed is less.


But there cases when you might face the problem of excessive oil consumption. It is among other commonly faced problems. There could be many reasons that lead to excessive oil consumption problem. In this article, we have mention 5 such reasons that result in the problem of excessive oil consumption by the engine.



The quality of oil used is the first thing you should check while facing the problem. There are times when the oil becomes old and has accumulated a lot of dirt and debris. In this case, the oil won’t be able to lubricate the components properly and as a result, the engine would require more oil for the same.

To come out of this problem, you must check whether the oil has become dark in color. If this is the case, you must change the oil as early as possible.


If the oil pressure in the car is more than the prescribed amount, it would result in a high amount of oil flowing through the engine. The excessive amount of oil would eventually fall on cylinders and would burn up. It would result in the problem of excessive oil consumption.

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Another reason for excessive oil consumption could be damaged by seals or gaskets. If this is the case, then your vehicle would start leaking the oil and won’t lubricate the components properly. As a result, the engine would start consuming more oil to lubricate the parts properly.

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The car engines are designed to run perfectly for 5 years. During this period, the engine consumes very less amount of oil as the parts are new and do not require much lubrication. But, if your engine is old or damaged, it will consume excessive oil to lubricate the components properly.

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If the piston rings inside the car are damaged, then the oil would leak and enter into the combustion chamber. From there the oil would start burning up. It would not only give rise to the problem of excessive oil consumption but would damage other parts of your car as well.

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