Mahindra Inferno is no more a new name in the automobile sector as so much is being spoken and written about it. Though it has not been launched yet, the expectation with the Mahindra’s new baby is very high. So, we thought to help you with the Review of Mahindra Inferno.

  • Mahindra Inferno has both diesel and petrol engine
  • Designed by Ssang Yong and Pininfarina

Let us jump on the Review of Mahindra Inferno


A very little is being said by the company considering the engine capacity and types in detail. But Mahindra Inferno is expected to have petrol (1.2litre) engines with power generation of 140bhp through gasoline engine and 17kmpl mileage. While on the other hand, diesel (1.5litre) 4 cylinder engine with a power generation capacity of 123bhp and 20kmpl mileage.


The interior of Mahindra Inferno is mind-blowing and is being appreciated by people at large. The work of interiors is executed by famous car design house for Italy Ssang Yong and Pininfarina. It has


  • Android Auto
  • USB
  • Reversing camera
  • Touch screen (7 inches)
  • Apple car play
  • Automatic climate control
  • Push start button
  • Leather upholstery and
  • Keyless access.

Along with this, the seats are spacious and comfortable.


The design of Mahindra Inferno gets a thumbs up as it is something new and different. With looks, we can say that it is designed to target the youth specifically. The sharp lines, edges, wrapped headlamps, LED DRLs modern silhouette is a real treat to the eye. While the company is planning to work some more on the design of the car before it finally reaches the road.


The price of Mahindra Inferno is as follows – for the base model it will cost 8lakhs while if you are looking for top spec model, then it will cost you with 13Lakhs.


The date on which will get launched is not yet satisfied, but there is a possibility to see it running on roads by March.


There is no doubt that Mahindra Inferno has to go through a tight competition with cars like Honda WRV, Tata Nexon, Ford EcoSort and likewise. In the end, it is the consumer who will give the final green signal. Share your comments on our Review of Mahindra Inferno.

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