The Present And Future Of Electric Cars In India

The Indian Automobile Industry is all caught up in the wrath of the global pandemic. The pandemic has not just affected the sales of the cars but has also brought a halt in the supply of cars. Although, car manufacturers have now begun the manufacturing process with some changes in normal functioning.

But, if we talk about Electric Cars in India, it is not a topic currently in discussion. We can not say that Indian Automobile Manufacturers or the potential buyers are not interested in the electric vehicle. Electric Vehicles have all the features and even more than that of other cars.

Electric Vehicles are common in other countries but no in India. There are many reasons that make it difficult for manufacturers to bring electric cars in the market and also for consumers to by these cars. The factors are;


The recent global pandemic has affected the automobile industry from the core. Most of the manufacturing plants have not yet started with the production stage. The purchasing power of potential buyers has reduced and has affected the economic status of the country as well. Hence, for a couple of years, we can not expect Indian Automobile Manufacturers to start manufacturing electric cars.


There is a huge cost involved in manufacturing an electric vehicle. Although many Indian Automobile companies have already introduced Electric Vehicles in the market, yet the sales of these cars is very low because of their high cost and fewer features.


There are thousands of options when it comes to buying cars. Electric Vehicles (four-wheelers) are preferred the least among all the other options. This is because the amount of money a buyer has to spend on electric cars can be used to purchase a non-electric vehicle with much more features and designs.


The Indian Govt. is already trying to bring electric vehicles in the country because of their advantages. Electric Vehicles do not emit harmful gases, they are safe to drive, and have a low maintenance cost. But India lacks a proper infrastructure where people can easily drive electric vehicles.


It has been observed that most Indians believe that Electric Vehicles are not suitable for long drives. If considered properly, it could be a very logical reason. For long drives, people need gas and petrol after driving many kilometers. You will find Gas Stations in almost all the roads, highways, and expressways. But you won’t find any place for the drivers to charge their electric vehicles.

These were some of the reasons that are the reason behind the delay in the advent of Electric Vehicles in India. We can not expect the Indian Automobile Industry to introduce Electric Vehicles on a large scale in less than a decade.

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