Owning a car comes with problems of its own such as regular maintenance, wear and tear items, servicing the car, etc. All this costs you a lot of money, and therefore, people are now looking for cheaper cars that have low maintenance costs. Most o the cars will cost you more than Rs 2 Lakh yearly for maintenance and repair, therefore, it’s better to buy a car that has low maintenance costs. According to research, the Toyota Corolla is the cheapest car that has low maintenance and repair costs. The maintenance and repair of Toyota Corolla will cost you just Rs.25,000 INR yearly, which is very less as compared to other cars in the market. If you are looking for low maintenance cars India to buy, then don’t worry as we have got you covered!

#1- Toyota Corolla- Rs 25,000 Annual Cost:

The Toyota Corolla is one of the most affordable cars that you can buy on the market right now. Not only does this car has a low price, but it has low maintenance costs as well. The maintenance cost during the first year of purchase will be extremely low, around less than Rs 5000. But as the years pass by, maintenance and repair costs will also increase. But don’t worry, it won’t go higher than Rs 25,000.

#2- Toyota Avalon- Rs. 29,000 Annual Cost:

If you are looking for a large car that comes at a reasonable price and has low yearly maintenance costs, then the Toyota Avalon is the best choice for you. This car has extremely low maintenance costs, around Rs 29,000 annual maintenance and repair costs.

#3- Honda Odyssey- Rs 30,000 Annual Cost:

The Honda Odyssey is one of the most reliable and inexpensive minivans that you can buy on the market. The minivan is not only inexpensive but has low maintenance costs too. The average yearly maintenance and repair costs of the Hinda Odyssey are only Rs 30,000.

#4- Toyota Prius- Rs 57,000 Annual Cost:

The second car on our list is the Toyota Prius. This car not only has a sleek design but also comes with relatively low maintenance costs. The annual maintenance cost of this car will not cost you Rs 60,000, but even less than that. The first two years will cost you much less as the car will be brand new. But after that, maintenance costs will increase because of oil changing, battery replacement, and various other factors.

#5- Honda Accord- Rs 60,000 Annual Cost:

If you are looking for a road car, then the Honda Accord is the best choice for you. The Honda Accord is a very reliable car that you can buy at a great price. You will seldom experience any issues with this car, as it is solely made for comfort purposes. The annual maintenance of this car will just cost you Rs 60,000, which is much lower than other Honda cars.

#6- Kia Soul- Rs 67,000 Annual Cost:

The Kia Soul is one of the best bargains that you can buy on the market. This car has a decent yet unique design and is perfect for almost every occasion. The car is so good that the new models do not even require any maintenance during the first few years. And after that, the only maintenance cost will be around Rs 67,000.

#7- Honda CR-V- Rs 70,000 Annual Cost:

The Honda CR-V is no doubt a very affordable SUV from a reliable car brand. For the first five years of buying this car, the maintenance of the car will cost you only Rs 70,000 annually. But it can increase or decrease, depending on how well you keep the car.

#8- Ford Mustang- Rs 73,000 Annual Cost:

If you are looking for a sleek sports car that has affordable maintenance costs, then the Ford Mustang is the best choice for you. It is the cheapest sports car with the lowest maintenance cost. It is a reliable and durable sports car that will only cost you Rs 73,000 yearly maintenance and repair costs.

#9- Toyota Tundra- Rs 75,000 Annual Cost:

The Toyota Tundra is one of the best pickup trucks in terms of annual maintenance costs. Not only does it have a competitive price, but its yearly maintenance cost is also very less, around Rs 75,000 only.

#10- Infinity Q70- Rs 1 Lakh Annual Cost:

A luxury car with low repair and maintenance costs, the Infinity Q70 is a reliable and durable car. The repair parts of this car are relatively cheap, whereas maintenance of the car will only cost you Rs 1 Lakh yearly.

Besides these cars that we have mentioned above, there are a few more cars which are available at a low price and are very affordable such as Eon, Kwid, Toyota Etios Liva, Swift, and Ford Figo Aspire, etc. these care have low maintenance cost and comes in an affordable range in India. Tell us in the comment section which one would you like to buy?

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