When Is The Right Time To Replace Your Old Car With A New One

Cars are not something that we change now and then. A person always buys a car for the long term and not for using it just for a few months. But, replacing a vehicle after years of using it is a thing that should not be ignored. One must replace an old car with a new one after using it for a long duration of time.

You might want to know about the exact time to replace your old vehicle with a new one. Well, there is a formula to calculate the exact time but there are certain factors that hint on the fact that its a good time to replace the vehicle. In this article, we will tell you about all such factors and reasons that indicate your vehicle is now old and when is the right time to replace your car. 


Your car works on mechanical energy that is derived from the electrical energy of the car battery. Various mechanical functions or most of the mechanical functions inside a car work in a pulley system. A Serpentine belt is used to carry out these pulley systems inside the car.

After years of driving the same car, the belt can get damaged after having cuts. A damaged belt is a reason behind the quirking sound that comes when we start the vehicle. Although you can easily replace the belt through the help of a mechanic, there are chances that the pulleys and bearing near the belt get worn-out. That time is the right time to replace your old car with a new one.


If you witness clouds of black or white smoke coming out of your car on a daily basis, you might want to have you’re checked for leakages. Call GarageOnRoad mechanics to have a solution from any kind of leakage. The leakage could be in the oil tank, coolants, engine, etc.

Fixing a leakage is not a big task for the mechanics but if your car is producing excessive smoke every time you start it, you must get it replaced by a new one. Clouds of smoke can result in a hundred other problems. Instead of getting into this problem, replace your car.


Driving the same car for 15 years is a huge milestone. As per the laws, you have to re-register your car after 15 years of use with new paperwork and everything. Also, after 15 years, most of the parts inside the car might become obsolete and outdated.

Apart from all these, the car would no resale value in the market because, after a decade, the resale value of a car falls rapidly. Hence, you must replace it with a new even before you and your lovely car reach a milestone of 15 years.

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