Why Does Your Steering Wheel Shakes?

Why Does Your Steering Wheel Shakes? Know Its Causes

A shaking steering wheel is among those problems that can make anyone irritated while driving a car. Many reasons lead to the problem of a shaking steering wheel. It could be tire or wheel problems, suspension issues, and even because of brake problems.

In this article, we have discussed 5 such major issues that result in a shaking wheel problem. If not taken seriously or not handled carefully, this problem can further lead into many more serious issues not just for the driver but for other motorists on the road as well 

Causes Of A Shaking Steering Wheel

# Damaged Tire

A tire gets exposed to many scratches and damages after it accumulates miles over the years. This uneven wear tire could result in a steering wheel vibration or shaking issue.

# Wheels Covered In Snow

Even a new and balanced tire could result in steering wheel shaking problems. A wheel covered in snow becomes off-balance and loose suspension. The only solution left is to clean it properly.

# A Semi-Flat Tire

A tire with a slow leak can also result in this problem. A semi-flat tire becomes heavier and loses suspension. Hence, it results in vibration in the steering wheel. The only possible solution to this problem is to fix the tire or replace it.

# Loose Tire

The tires are connected with four to six bolts and nuts. Each nut and bolt has to be tightened properly to keep the tire balanced. If any nut is left loose, it can leave the tire vibrating. It not only results in steering wheel shaking issues but also makes your drive very uncomfortable and risky.

# Loosened Wheel Axle

Both the back tires and front tires are connected with axles. The car moves on front tires and as a result, front axles always move a car forward. If the joints of the axles are loosened, they can make the tires unbalanced. As a result, your tires will start losing suspension and would result in steering wheel shaking issues.

# Damaged Shock Absorbers

You might have a car with the best quality of shock absorbers. But Indian roads give a tough competition to these shock absorbers. Regularly driving cars on the bumpy roads can damage the shock absorbers. A damaged shock absorber won’t absorb any shock and can result in shaking steering wheel issues.

# Loose Steering Wheel Components

This is the most common reason that results in this issue. Loose steering wheel components makes the steering wheel unbalanced. An unbalanced steering wheel could very much result in the vibrations in the steering wheel.

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