The Bharat Stage Emission Standards or BSES is an emission standard introduced by the Indian Government to the emission of combustion engines that determines the emission-quality coming out of such engines. Earlier, both two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles were running on BS4 engines. But now it has been mandated that all the Automobile manufacturers will manufacture only BS6 type vehicles. To understand both of these types clearly, let us look at the difference between them.


Both BS4 and BS6 are norms set for the maximum amount of permitted levels for pollutants emitting from a vehicle. As compared to BS4, BS6 standards are much stricter. But the latter type has more features and advantages over the former one. Let us discuss those points one by one.


Sulfur Level: The amount of sulfur present in the BS4 type of fuel is comparatively higher than the BS6 type. It makes BS6 vehicles a better option as they emit very fewer pollutants from their exhaust as compared to B vehicles. The quantity of Sulfur in BS4 vehicles is 50 PPM that becomes 10 PPM in BS6 vehicles.


Cost : BS6 is a high-quality fuel, and hence it would have a significant impact on the price of an automobile. The automobile companies would now have to equip new and high-tech parts to manufacture automobiles. It has been assumed that BS6 engines would push the price of a car by Rs 70,000 to 90,000 approx.


Although the norms have been passed months before, BS6 fuel is not available in every state in India. At present, the fuel is available in only some states including Delhi. The government is working hard to induce this high quality of fuel in the market as soon as possible.



Now many of you might have a question in your mind; whether to purchase BS4 vehicles now or wait for BS6 vehicles? It depends entirely on your preference, but certain factors might help you to make a decision. Because of the government’s new norms, the manufacturers are now offering huge discounts on BS4 vehicles to clear their stock. If you plan to drive the same vehicle for 10 to 11 years without replacing it, then you can purchase BS4 vehicles without a second thought. After 10 to 11 years, the resale value of BS4 vehicles would not differ from the resale of BS6 vehicles if you purchase it today. If you are among those people who replace their cars after a duration of 3 to 4 years, then you should wait and purchase BS6 vehicle. The resale value of a BS6 vehicle after three years would be much higher than that of a BS4 vehicle.


If you own either of the fuel type cars, you must remember one thing. It is not recommended to use the BS4 type fuel in BS6 vehicles as it might damage the sensitive parts that are made only to consume BS6 fuel. If you own a BS4 vehicle, you can comfortably use BS6 fuel for the vehicle. Using BS6 fuels in BS4 cars would only increase their performance and would reduce the level of pollutants emitting from the vehicle because of the low level of Sulfur (10 PPM).

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