Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

This Terms and Condition is binding for the uses of Services and providing the service using “GARAGE ON ROAD” (GarageOnRoad) platform.

With the use of our services, you give your consent to follow the terms and conditions listed by us on the various platforms (Webpage and Mobile Applications). The terms and conditions specified here follow to the website, application, services and all the related tools in the name of GarageOnRoad. You agree to follow the registration policy, cancellation policy, payment policy, privacy policy, refund policy and so on.

GarageOnRoad holds its office at New Delhi, and we offer General Maintenance, Special Maintenance, General Check-up and Roadside Assistance Services for vehicles (Two Wheeler, Four Wheeler, and Heavy Vehicle). We tender services for Vehicles through our online and offline platform. You can reach us using GarageOnRoad Mobile application, Webpage and/or through phone calls on contact details listed in the various platforms.


The terms and conditions listed below are with reference to the User(s)/customers/mechanics registering with us by creating their individual account. It is applicable to all the User(s)/customers/mechanics/Registered/ Uses services of GarageOnRoad.


  • Visit our website “GarageOnRoad.com,” and you can download the Mobile application from the homepage. Or else you can directly download our “GarageOnRoad” application from the Google Play Store. 
  • The User(s) needs to enter the desired information and password to register with us. Once the valid details are entered and verified the User(s) gets the accessibility to request for services.
  • Reach us on Google Play Store and type “GarageOnRoad-mechanic” and our application will turn on. Download the application and install in your phone. 
  • The mechanic needs to enter their Mobile number, photograph, valid Identity proffer issued by the Government Dept (like Driving Licence, Aadhar Card, Passport, etc) email id password, address, guarantor name, guarantor address, guarantor number, to register the account with GarageOnRoad. GarageOnRoad holds the complete right to accept and/or reject the account of the mechanic based on the details enlisted and upon its verification.


Once the User(s) and the mechanic sign up with their account on GarageOnRoad, We will furnish them with defined services.

  • The User(s)/customers/mechanics will receive the services to ascertain the roadside assistance and other services for the vehicles, ability to view the profile of the mechanic, view the service charges, choose the services, modify the data of the their own profile, book the services, modify the services, give feedback for the services, cancel the services and likewise.
  • The mechanic will be provided with the services of viewing the bookings done by the User(s), accepting the services, cancellation of the services, view and edit the wallet and hereby mentioned.
  • GarageOnRoad holds the right to add or remove the services as a whole or any part of the services from the respective platform without prior intimation at any point in time.
  • GarageOnRoad will update the User(s) and the mechanic with service status, by sending SMS and/or Mob App Notification.
  • GarageOnRoad endeavor in updating the services time to time.
  • Any additional services asked by the User(s) will be fulfilled after the completion of the prior services and after final approval of the User(s).
  • In the eventuality of any loss due to services provided by the GarageOnRoad registered service provider, GarageOnRoad will compensate the loss subjected to following:
    • The Service shall be initiated through GarageOnRoad,
    • User(s)has paid Service Aggregation charge before the start of the service,
    • User(s) has informed GarageOnRoad regarding completion of the job along with the charges paid to the Service Provider within 3 days of taking services.
  • Following Service are not covered under any type of compensation:
    • Flat Tyre
    • Jump-start
    • Towing (only Damage occurs during towing shall be covered for compensation, The User(s)has to inform GarageOnRoad before taking hand over of the vehicle from the Service Provider)
    • Service provided for overheating issues.
    • Service of providing Fuel (only quality and Quantity of the Fuel shall be assured before refuelling in the vehicle)
  • GarageOnRoad holds the right to determine the damage value after estimating the degree of damages.
  • GarageOnRoad takes no responsibility for the cancellation charges after receiving the booking charges.
  • The booking charges or any advance payment made by the User(s) will not be refundable as a result of the cancellation of services on the User(s) part.
  • To cancel the bookings, the User(s) should wait for 1-2 hours.
  • Refund will only be issued if the mechanic does not turn up for the services for more than 1 to 2 hours.
  • Refund will only be initiated if the travel distance between the mechanic and the user(s) is 8kms or more.
  • Payments are to be made in the form of INR only.
  • An advance payment made by the User(s) will be termed as un-refundable unless and until the mechanic fails to perform the assigned task.
  • User(s) must take the bills from the mechanic if the payment is made in cash.
  • GarageOnRoad follows no cash policies, thus states that any payment made in cash is not accepted.
  • GarageOnRoad only accepts payment through online mode that is net banking, card transfer, bank transfer, wallets and so on.
  • GarageOnRoad holds the right to change, modify or alter the payment mode without any prior notice.
  • GarageOnRoad holds no responsibility for the payment made to the mechanic directly.
  • GarageOnRoad will not continue to give the subsequent services unless the User(s) clears the past payments.
  • GarageOnRoad states that no services will granted to the User(s) unless the service charges are paid.
  • Creating the account by GarageOnRoad means the User(s) is acceptable to pay the necessary taxes, charges, fees, service rates, etc. as specified.
  • GarageOnRoad holds the right to increase or decrease the service charges without any prior notice. The price as per the service date will be charged on the User(s)if there is any change.
  • All the charges with respect to the spare parts will be calculated at its actual price.
  • If the customer under his own will tends to change the spare parts, oil, etc. as will cost him with the actual rate.
  • GarageOnRoad does not take the responsibility of the quality of services offered on the part of the mechanic without intimation to the GarageOnRoad.
  • GarageOnRoad is not responsible for any payment done to the third party.
  • Cancellation of the ongoing services will be liable for payment on the basis of actual work done so far.
  • Any payment or denial of payment or late payment by the User(s) will fall under the jurisdiction of Delhi court.
  • GarageOnRoad holds no responsibility with regard to the warranty or guarantee of the auto spares used for the repair for the vehicle. Warranty falls under the provisos of the standard manufacturers.
  • Refunds will be granted within the stipulated time (in normal condition within three days) only if it falls as per the terms and conditions stated by GarageOnRoad.

GarageOnRoad does not take any responsibility for the change in services if offered by the mechanic during the course of ongoing repair, without information/consultation of the GarageOnRoad.


We will provide you with General Maintenance, Special Maintenance, General Check-up and Roadside Assistance Services for vehicles (Two Wheeler, Four Wheeler, and Heavy Vehicle). With the use of our website, mobile application and other tools, you give your consent with regard to acknowledge and agree with the terms and conditions, disclaimers, policies with the following limitations.

  • GarageOnRoad does not guarantee the integrity, efficacy, quality, and accuracy of the information listed by the mechanic or the third party. Thus, we request the User(s)to use GarageOnRoad services responsibly. The term “Information” here relates to the data provided by the mechanic, quality of service, etc.
  • IF you are dealing with the mechanic outside the transaction done under the terms of conditions listed by GarageOnRoad for your personal use, then it is requested to you to conclude a written agreement with the mechanic. GarageOnRoad will not be liable to hold any damages, injuries, etc done outside its purview.
  • The information listed under any of the GarageOnRoad website or mobile application does not result in the binding contract between you or the mechanic.
  • GarageOnRoad under any circumstances is not liable, responsible or accountable with regard to the services carried out by the mechanic as asked to be carried out by the User(s) with information to GarageOnRoad.
  • GarageOnRoad will provide you with the updated information concerning the bookings, services, cancellation, price charges, discounts, and modification, etc of the services.
  • GarageOnRoad will not be liable for any mishappenings, injury, damage, loss of belongings inside or outside the car during the course of the services. GarageOnRoad strongly recommends settling the issue between you and the mechanic.


The terms and conditions listed under Part B are applicable to all the User(s)/Customers and mechanics of GarageOnRoad.


  • GarageOnRoad has a very wide network of mechanics/garage with pan India presence, but we cannot guaranty for the availability of the Service provide/Mechanic due to some unforeseen/ unavoidable circumstances.
  • User(s) are requested to make himself satisfied with the ID (issued by the Government), and Photo of the visiting Mechanic. Please do not hand over your any valuable without being satisfied with the Identity of the Service Provider/Mechanic. GarageOnRoad will not be responsible for any loss if the vehicle/parts being handed over to Service provider/Mechanic without taking /being satisfied with the Identity of the Service provider by the User(s)
  • User(s) are requested to inform GarageOnRoad, before making final payment to the mechanic. It will help us to provide you services with quality and at a reasonable price.
  • User(s) are requested to be satisfied with the parts and spares and services provided by the Mechanic before making any payment.


  • The mechanic agrees to accept the feedback and rating enlisted by the customers taken their services.
  • GarageOnRoad takes no responsibility of offering volumes of work to the mechanic.
  • The mechanic has to collect payments of work done unless otherwise it is mentioned.
  • Mechanic shall be solely responsible for any wrong work/ bad workmanship/ delay in service. His/her association shall be terminated due to any of the above reasons.
  • It is Assumed that Service Provider/Mechanic use Genuine and appropriate parts and consumables for the services provided to the User(s).
  • It is assumed Service provider/ Mechanic will charge reasonable and as per market price, any amount charges over and above to the market price shall be returned to the customer by the service provider/Mechanic.
  • Overpricing, use of duplicate spares, misuse of opportunity, harassment of User(s) shall be lead to termination of the agreement.


  • Both the User(s) and the mechanic must be at least 18 years or above to create an account with us.
  • Both the User(s) and the mechanic need to provide accurate information on their respective profile. Any failure in doing so shall result in termination of the account.
  • Any data/information that is expired should be updated without any delay. GarageOnRoad holds sole right to suspend, block or terminator the account(s).
  • Both the User(s) and the mechanic are responsible for maintaining the security of their account with regard to the login details.
  • Both the User(s) and the mechanic can possess only one account unless acceptable by the provisos of GarageOnRoad.
  • For registering with GarageOnRoad, both the User(s) and the mechanic agree to accept text messages and location details as part and parcel of normal work regime.
  • Both the User(s) and the mechanic agree the data entered by them is true and not misleading, infringe, misappropriate or violate and complete in all respect.
  • Both the User(s) and the mechanic are responsible for all the data enlisted for creating an account in GarageOnRoad.

GarageOnRoad takes no reasonability of the accuracy, quality, and integrity of the data posted by the third parties


While registering with GarageOnRoad both the User(s) and the mechanic will be provided with a login id and password. Both the partiers are responsible for protecting the ID and the password and must not disclose to the third party. In case of any breach, theft, disclosure, unauthorized use, etc. of the same; both the User(s) and the mechanic must notify GarageOnRoad immediately. If we believe the reasons are genuine, we will help you with updating the new ID and password. In case if the same is not being used as per the provisos of GarageOnRoad, then we hold the sole discretion to cancel, suspend, revoke or block the access rights to the concerned party by giving the notice.

  • GarageOnRoad allows its User(s) and mechanics to do the required changes, modification with regard to the following –
    • Creating the profile
    • Posting the bookings
    • Giving the feedback
    • Edit the profile, bookings, and services, etc.
    • Updating or canceling the bookings
    • Responding to the services
  • Further, GarageOnRoad holds complete right to delete, edit, block, revoke, and cancel any of the information listed by the parties if the same does not fall as per the said terms and conditions.
  • Both the User(s) and mechanic are responsible for the data, information, material listed by them in GarageOnRoad.
  • Both the User(s) and mechanic must not post any information or material that is dishonest, defaming, fraudulent, demeaning, harassing, unlawful, threatening, vulgar, misleading, objectionable, abusive, etc or otherwise come under any of the applicable law, code of practice, copyright infringement or against the right of the third party.


  • GarageOnRoad diligently works to ensure that the information presented on our website, mobile application and any other platform are genuine and accurate. Plus we tend to keep on updating the information with time to maintain the efficacy of the same. Hereby, GarageOnRoad further, permits you to edit and provide you with access to reach the other party.
  • GarageOnRoad is not liable or responsible for the code of conduct of the other party be it the User(s)or the mechanic.
  • GarageOnRoad does not guarantee with regard to the service quality but ensures to offer the best possible services with time.
  • GarageOnRoad might restrict, stop the services occasionally in cases of adding new services, updating the website or the mobile application henceforth.


  • GarageOnRoad is liable to pay maximum up to TEN times (10) of the service charges in case of errors, damages discrepancy, bad workmanship with regard to the listed terms and conditions for User(s) claim.
  • Nothing in this context shall include or limit the liability of GarageOnRoad for death, personal injury or any misrepresentation, misinterpretation, negligence, or any other liability excluded as per the applicable law. The terms and conditions stated here shall not get affected as our statutory rights as a consumer.


The agreement between the User(s), mechanic and GarageOnRoad will continue to apply until the fulfillment of the following conditions –

  • Either of the parties terminates the account.
  • Either of the parties closes the account.
  • If the User(s) or the other party is not making the use of the website, application or other tools of GarageOnRoad for a stipulated period of time.
  • In case of violation of the specified terms and cognitions listed by the User(s), GarageOnRoad holds the sole discretion to terminate, block or cancel the account of the User(s) without prior notice in case the User(s)or the mechanic has entered into any kind of damages or injury to GarageOnRoad.


Unless and otherwise states, the agreement between the parties does not transfer the intellectual properties rights from GarageOnRoad to any of the User(s), mechanic or to the third parties. All the rights, titles, logo, interest, trademarks, graphics used in connection of GarageOnRoad remains with us. All rights are reserved.


GarageOnRoad reserves the right to display the advertisement unless it is purchased.


By registering or using our platforms that is the website or the mobile application, you hereby give your consent to us for the use of cookies. GarageOnRoad uses cookies on the website and mobile applications. Any information listed by the User(s)or the mechanic shall be subject to our terms and conditions and privacy policies.


  • You can reach us by email, post, phone number, etc. All the related details are mentioned in our contact us page.
  • Some of the points mentioned under the terms and condition may supersede by the rules, provisions or notices published anywhere of the website or mobile application.
  • GarageOnRoad might update the listed terms and conditions, policies time to time without prior notice. We suggest you to keep a check on our respective page in order to comprehend with the changes made by GarageOnRoad in the course of time.

The terms of conditions will be subject to the applicable law of India and Under the jurisdiction of Delhi High court in order to resolve any future disputes.

Note – The terms and conditions were last updated on 28th Day of March 2022.