Clutch Repair

Sports Bike chain damage

Clutch in a car or bike is used to engage and disengage the power of the engine so that a vehicle can work smoothly without disturbing the engine. In simple terms, clutches are used when the gears are shifted without disturbing the engine movement.

In India, the roads are narrow and crowded, there are more chances that a person will use a clutch and break. When the clutches are worn out, it depletes the engine performance. Clutch Repairing is one of the usual services provided by Roadside assistance.

As the Clutch is one of the major mechanisms that affect the engine, It is significant to get them repaired once the malfunction is noticed. In general, Clutches can hold their power on an average from 30,000 km to 50,000 km. In case of failures, it can be identified by,

  • The engine sound is higher but moves slowly.
  • Burning smell from traction/friction of the clutch.
  • Hindrance while gear shifting
  • Soft clutch pedal.

When the clutches are not replaced the worst-case scenario is a road accident. They might also affect the mileage of your vehicle. If the above signs are identified while driving, it is vital to call for professional help and get them done immediately while you are in a meeting/having lunch with your family.

If you are traveling for an emergency meeting, and you face a clutch issue in the middle, it could be a big Hassle. Choosing Roadside assistance would be one of the biggest advantages. 

It would be the best available option as they will be available anytime and assist you when you are helping up in your meeting. This might help you to reach the next destination on time and save your hassle.

In most cases, the service providers will reach you in 20-30 minutes, which eliminates your valuable time in searching for a local service provider. Within a call, assistance will be available.

Opting for Roadside Assistance keeps you out of trouble when faced. Garage On-Road aims to bring our services to you at the right time of your need. To serve you well, we are available 24/7. 

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