Denting and Painting

Sports Bike chain damage

The car or bike you bought is your prized possession. We drive them everywhere, from driving to an office and for picking up groceries, from your weekend trips to yearly check-ups. 



No matter how careful we are, In the heavy traffic on Indian roads when the other party is not careful as us, our cars/bikes are bound to colloid. 

You come out of your car only to get heartbroken over the dents. But, reforming them to regain the old look is still possible. 

These Denting and Painting services are easily availed by Roadside Assistance Providers.

Denting is the process of fixing the scratched areas and helps them to look like a new panel before deformation. 


To remove dents, a device called Dent Master is used. The scratches can be major or minor, or bents in a few parts of the panel. By using a Dent Master under supervision, they can be cleared.


Painting can be done for areas after Denting and also in areas where paints are worn off due to any external involvement. 


They choose the most similar colours to spray on uneven areas so that the vehicle colour does not look uneven. They might give a second coat if needed.


Once they are coloured, an additional coating is sprayed to give a glossy finish to the car. 


Finally, the vehicle is stored in a dust-free area to dry the Paints and Coatings. Some might even paint a vehicle to get a new colour done.

Denting may give a full-body look, but only with painting, the process will be fully finished. These services are time-consuming. It might take from a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 14 days according to the car and where they want it to be done.

One can opt for 2 ways of denting and painting

  • Full Body denting and painting
  • Panel denting and painting

Process of Denting and painting

  • Remove dents using Dent Master
  • Using an angle grinder to smooth the surface
  • Apply Primer
  • Apply Body Coating
  • Apply Clear Coating.

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