What To Do When Your Car Has Flooded in Rain?

What to do when your car has flooded

Car flooding is a very awful experience, whether they are heavy rains, an actual flood, or monsoon rains, car flooding can damage your car very badly. It can ruin your car’s engine and also the other parts located at the bottom of the car. Car flooding causes heavy damage to your vehicle and costs you a lot for the repair too.

So if you’re wondering what to do if your car has fallen prey to car flooding, here are some tips for you for flood damaged car:-

Dry the interior of your flood damaged car:

During car flooding, the interior of a car wets badly. The whole floor gets muddy and dirty due to the water caused by the flood. So the first thing you’d want to do is to clean the interior of the car with a towel. If anything other than the floor also gets wet, replace it asap.

Disconnect the battery:

You know how water affects electrical wires and stuff, so the second thing you’ll want to do is to disconnect the battery because if the wires of the car have already become wet, to prevent any sudden electric shocks or even mini blasts, just stop the power supply to these wires.

Check the whole exterior of the car:

The next thing you’ll do is check the exterior of the car to see if there has been any damage to the tires, the wheels, and the brakes. Also, check the underbody of the car as it has remained in the water more than any other part of your car.

Check the air filter:

After doing this, check the air filter. Checking the air filter will let you know whether any water has entered the engine or not. Water can easily enter the engine through the air filter. So if you find your air filter to be wet, this means that the water has entered the engine too. Don’t do anything by yourself now, as it may be harmful. Let the mechanic solve the problem.

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Do not even TRY to start the car:

Never start the car when it has been flooded. Even if you’re curious to know whether the car starts or not, never start your car after it has been flooded. There is a 99% chance of your car getting even more damage if you do so. So just tow your flood damaged car to the mechanic and let them do the rest.

Contact your car insurance company:

If you have applied for car insurance, then what you’ll want to do now is to contact the insurance company. They will cover all the damage caused by the flood. But if you haven’t applied for car insurance, then you’ll have to pay from your pocket for repairing your car (sad).

Preventive measures to maintain car AC
Get your car towed:

Well, you definitely have to take your flood damaged car to the mechanic for repairing all that is damaged. So for that, just call up a towing service and get your car towed to the mechanic.

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