Mercedes Benz knows how to touch the nerve of its customer, and the launch of Mercedes Benz S- class is the example of the same. This car is literally ruling the hearts of the car freaks all around the world. So, here we are with Mercedes Benz S- class review.

Highlights of Mercedes Benz S- class

  • Benchmark technology
  • Eye-catchy design – both interiors and exteriors
  • New-generation car

A quick approach on Mercedes Benz S- class review


Right from headlamps to bumpers, everything has been revamped from its earlier ones. “The big the better”, this phrase magnificently goes with the exterior design. Involvement of LED strips, newly designed front bumpers, and multi-beam headlamps are something new.


The front seats are considerable, giving utmost comfort. Coming over the back seats, they are inculcated with recliner features. It can be further inclined to 43.5 degrees. Yes, not to miss the additional massage function.


The seats are coupled with a screen of 10.2 inches individually along with port connecting devices. You will also get the benefit of wireless charging with the help of armrest.

The front area is decked with a classy dashboard, and TFT screen. The steering has touch control options. The integration system of the car includes Android Auto, Apple Carplay, and 13 speaker sound.


There are two engines in Mercedes Benz S-Class – S450 and S350. The former one is suited for petrol while the later one is for diesel. Both the engines are superfluous with power and mileage. Also, the engine used that is 2925cc OM656 is the first of its kind as it is made in India.

Value-added features

The car is infused with 2 stage turbochargers, steel pistols, six cylinders, 600Nm, and 286bhp torque. Furthermore, it claims to hit the road with 100 km speed is no less than 6 seconds.

The price of the car is not yet revealed but still going through the attributes, the car deserves four out of five stars. Spend your time in reading Mercedes Benz S- class review before going for the purchase.

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